In 2014, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse with a Bachelors degree in digital media and broadcast communications. I have worked with several different local affiliated and non affiliated television and radio stations in the La Crosse area.

After finding my niche in video work I started NFD Graphics as a sole proprietor and have gained most of my clients through word of mouth. I began filming weddings, music videos, promotional video and advertising, as well as company training video.

My style of shooting is very client vision oriented, while still offering different ideas for visuals and opportunity for more or less creative control accordingly. Below is an award nominated music video (LRT Music Video Awards) that I shot, edited and produced. 

my experience

NFD Graphics

The Beginning

When I was just a young child, my father started a photography business. His first studio was right in our living room, complete with lighting systems, full background muslin, and real life clients! I remember having to walk through the living room in a towel after a shower while his clients were getting their portraits taken. He would soon become one of the most well known photographers in the area once he opened a studio outside of the house.

Having seen my father's entrepreneurial spirit and effort, I found my passion in digital media, particularly videography. 

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